How to Stay Healthy on A Holiday

A lot of people spend their holiday in a different way, but sometimes they forgot to take care of their body when they do activities on their holiday.

so, here some tips from me personally, to stay healthy on your holiday!

1. Get enough sleep

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When in holiday you will want to spend your night time to hang out with your beloved people, I admit, night time is so much fun but if you don’t get enough hours to sleep, you will have a panda eyes in the bottom of your eyes and look unhealthy. According to one doctor of the internet, i found out that, we need to sleep 7-8 hours per day at mid night time, if we’re not, we’re not going to be healthy when we woke up at the next morning and we’ll still be sleepy and tired even tho you sleep 7 hours in the afternoon which means you don’t feel like you sleep at all.

2. Control the food you’re going to eat in a holiday.

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People will always want to eat junk food when they’re on holiday, it is okay to eat fast food but you need to control the amounts of the food that comes to your stomach, do not eat too much. and have the right timing to eat,like when you have to eat breakfast you should eat breakfast and not missed it. and lunch and dinner. do not eat your late night snacks
unless it’s chocolate fruits because you’re going to gain weight the next morning.

3. Get a time to jogging jogging
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You have a brightful day if you spend your time to jog a bit. Even if it’s just for ten minutes a day you’ll find yourself more happier and relax. Take a look at the beautiful skies when you’re jogging and close your eyes to feel the fresh morning air, you will reduce your stress feelings and feel more joyful.

4. Read more books instead of watching TV. 
You will have a lot of free time on holiday, if you don’t wanna hang out with people and rather to spend your day at home, reading books should be your choice. Instead of watching tv and eat donuts, you need to read books even tho it’s a novel or romance kind of books, reading will increase your imagination and brains, your IQ will increased when you back after a long holiday.

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5. Take a Shower
Holiday is basically a super lazy day, you just want to stay in your bed and see your snapchat stories, but if you don’t take a shower, you’ll be even lazier and don’t have the spirit of living. So, get your butt out off the bed and take a shower.
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That’s all a few tips I can tell you about how to stay healthy when you’re on holiday. you can do anything you want when you’re on holiday
but don’t forget to stay healthy,be happy!!!


*all the contents are written by FITRI FEBRINA except the gifs & some images.
(sorry for the wrong grammars or tenses you might find in the article).


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