Simple Fun Games to play when you’re bored and have no Wi-Fi!

Hi people if you have a lot of free times and don’t have any friends to hang out, or maybe you’re in a boring place with boring people and have no Wi-Fi? then this games are probably for you. This is a few simple fun games that i’m personally like to play when I’m bored and have no Wi-Fi and I want to share it with you guys.
1. Crossy Road

This is an action arcade game by Yodo1 Games that will make you cross the road only with your finger. This game have a lot of character and makes you want to cross more roads to collect coins and ex-change them with gifts that contains a new character. You should play this game if you want to see a lot of unique animals without even going to a zoo, and there’s a bunch of unique humans too, such as Psy.
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2. Candy Crush Soda Saga

This famous casual puzzle game by King is pretty addictive and challenging. If you maybe want to increased your concentration then this game is for you. This game have so many levels and kind of difficult game. But I think this game is fun when you have no Wi-Fi and just want to pop the soda bottles and eat the chocolate, or maybe if you crazy about gummy bears? you can find them in this game and save them too!
gummy-bears-o (
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3. Cosmo Run

This arcade game by No Six Five is addictive too. I play this a lot when I have nothing to do. This simple game is so much fun. You just have to tap your screen when you play it on your phone, but if you play it on your laptop, like me, I often play it on my laptop you just have to push your space button, this game also need your concentration. I like this game. This game is simple but the graphics is stunning.
4. Geometry Dash
If you want to increased your memory skill, this arcade game by RobTop Games is right for you. At first I thought this game was really difficult but if you remember your mistakes and try to fix it to finish the level, this game will be easy peasy. This game taught a moral
lessons too isn’t it? “Learn from your mistakes to reach your goal”. And you can enjoy great music while you play this game. Awesome.
5. Snake Multiplayer

This is one of the old game from the 90s that you’ve played in your Nokia phones. But now it’s different, you play this in your android phone. If you probably miss your childhood phone games, then Pawel Oriol made this for you. The game is really simple but also interesting. You just have to push the navigation button on the screen of your phone. Just like the old days. Same thing, different time.
6. Let it Goat

Do you know Jack & Jack from the Vine app?
They’re not just funny and talented, they also made this simple fun game with the interesting title and cute character. I played this game so many times in high school when I tried to avoid people. This game is fun. All you have to do in this game is tap the screen of your phone to jump and avoid the spikes and collect diamonds to buy new things in this game. I like Jack & Jack.
source :
7. Nova Squad

This game won’t make you bored anymore. The stunning 3D graphics of this game also will make you addictive to this game. No Wi-Fi at all. I love this game so much. Just shots all the enemies, no ending , just survive till the end. Upgrade your squad to make it more powerful. Awesome.

8. Monopoly

Board game by ELECTRONIC ARTS will increased your economic skills. Maybe. Home alone and no one to talk to? Play this game.
9. Tap Tap Glider

Ever made a Paper Plane? This glider game by Candy Mobile will make your Paper Plane fly far away. And your Paper Plane will have super power ability like Invisible, Shrinking, and even clear its way. Cool right?
10. 2 Player Reactor (Multiplayer)

A multiplayer game by Cool Cherry Trees will save you in an awkward situation or maybe closer to your crush. I’ve tried and it works a bit. If you maybe in an awkward situation and confused on what to do, ask her/him to play this with you. Good luck!
That’s all the Simple Fun games without Wi-Fi that I can share with you guys, I hope it helps your boredom!
*all the contents are written by FITRI FEBRINA except gifs.
(sorry for the wrong grammars and tenses you might find in this article)

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