How to know if She/He is your Good Friends.

High School is a place when you don’t know who your true friends really are, because most of them are so fake. I know. And maybe not just in High School, maybe in Universities or at Work. But this might help you to know your true friends you don’t want to lose. (based on my own experience and my mom advice).
1. She / He is a Good Listener
If they’re not a good listener for you, leave them. seriously.
seriously (
source :
2. Shares Her / His Wi-Fi Password
Internet is like our oxygen nowadays
wifi password pop
source :
3. You Feel Comfy around them
Like you can be yourself around them and not afraid to show your weirdo side to them and also you didn’t feel lonely at all when you’re with them. Like, you maybe hang out with a bunch of people but you feel empty and lonely, then it means you hang out with the wrong people. Be careful.
4. Do the fool things together
True friends won’t leave you to do stupid things alone, we do it together, we cray together and we have fun together!
 fool thing (
5. Cheer you up when you feel down
Like offering you food (pizza) or motivate you when you feel down or making an emoji faces to make you laugh or anything that will make you feel better.
when-your-friend-is-mad-and-you-act-like-an-idiot-to-cheer-them-up (
source :
Just remember, be yourself and treat people the way you wanna be treated.



*all the contents are written by FITRI FEBRINA except the gifs & some images.
(sorry for the wrong grammars or tenses you might find in the article).


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