What Should You Do When You’re Bored?

Hello again!! How are you today? must be bored. I know. because you’re reading this right now. So, here’s a few different things that might help you when you’re bored.
(not including watching Netflix or watching movie, or any other watching action)
1. Search and Read Article about your Idol.
This might sounds silly but I’ve done it before and this help you forget about your boredom. Because, when you reading some article about your idol, you will be thinking about her/him. So, start searching after you read this.
source : gif.co
2. Read an interesting Comic or Novel.
Reading might be also boring but funny comic with funny picture on it, actually not a bad thing. If you don’t have books because you hate reading, it’s 2016! we have this what we called E-book, when you can read anything from your beloved phone or any gadgets anytime. Or, Webtoon sounds interesting. 😀
gif.co 2
source : gif.co


3. Cook something.
Sometimes, you’re bored and that makes you hungry. So, look into your refrigerator, what you got there? cook something will help you forget about your boredom because you will be focus on cooking and this is really useful. You can cook for your parents or friends or your crush, or even for yourself. If you’re too lazy maybe you can just prepare your cereal and eat it while you’re reading an article about your idol. sounds good to me.
source : quick-break.net
4. Singing.
I don’t know about this one actually, this might annoy people if you’re terrible, but singing is fun right? go to some karaoke places will be interesting or you can use some related apps.
5. Slide Show Gallery and Play a Song.
Looking at your gallery and see what’s in there will help you forget the boredom and remember the memories about the picture you’re looking at. Or, just pretending that you’re in a movie or music video.
howto-rp tumblr.gif
source : howto-rp.tumblr.com
6. Chat about Random Things with your Bestfriend.
You and your bestfriend will always have something to discussed. If no? find another bestfriend!  (what? who are you telling me what to do?)
source : gif.co
7. Cleaning your Room.
Boredom turns out to be a useful thing if you do cleaning your room when you’re bored. You’ll get a bigger space, more clean and comfy bedroom. Maybe you can find the stuff you’ve been looking for.
source : gurl.com
8. Writing or Doodling.
source : gif.co
 Writing some random things about what you feel or what’s in your mind can be a good thing. Who knows? you might have your own Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and ”Your title book here”
9. Make a Short Movie.
Make a short movie will be fun (I think). You can make the simple one with your phone or… you know, a lot of apps for this kind of thing. Yes. I’m talking about Vine, YouTube, and especially Vine.
source : mashable.com
10. Playing with your Pets
I’m sure they know you’re bored and want to play with you 🙂
11. Or…you can just go to a Park, meet people and play Basketball.
see ya.
source : giphy.com
*all the contents are written by FITRIFEBRINA except the gifs & some images.
(sorry for the wrong grammars or tenses you might find in the article).

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